Greetings in the name of the Lord.

My name is Eddie Faulkner, I am the pastor here at Bolton Full Gospel Church. This is my home church. I came to know the Lord on Easter Sunday of 1980. I then went to Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. After graduation, I came back here and served as youth pastor before becoming senior pastor in July of 1987. I am married to my beautiful wife and best friend Ronnie. We have four sons:  Josh, Ben, Justin, Zach;  and one daughter, Mikayla. We also have two grandsons:  Ryker, Kellon; and one granddaughter, Wren.


1 Kings 18: 41-46


We are excited here at Bolton about the Lord teaching us how to live in His abundance. Abundance means throwing beyond, exceeding greatness, still more excellent, more and more exceeding excellence.

God is saying there is going to be a shifting from lack to more and more exceeding excellence. More and more exceeding excellence in your family, in your body, in your finances.

But on the way to the abundance you are going to have to do some things. You will have to persevere. Persevere means to continue doing something in spite of opposition. Elijah told his servant to go look seven times. Six times same instruction, six times same produces, six times he came back with the same answer. The seventh time he saw a cloud about the size of mans hands. Persevere.

You will have to have perception. Perceive means to gain a full knowledge of by experience or observation. Perception is everything. You cannot receive what your mind won’t perceive. You cannot receive in your hand what you cannot perceive in your mind. So you have to persevere and perceive the abundance of God.


May you learn to live in the abundance of God in your life.

Pastor Eddie


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