Greetings in the name of the Lord.

My name is Eddie Faulkner, I am the pastor here at Bolton Full Gospel Church. This is my home church. I came to know the Lord on Easter Sunday of 1980. I then went to Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. After graduation, I came back here and served as youth pastor before becoming senior pastor in July of 1987. I am married to my beautiful wife and best friend Ronnie. We have four sons:  Josh, Ben, Justin, Zach;  and one daughter, Mikayla. We also have two grandsons:  Ryker, Kellon; and one granddaughter, Wren.


Nehemiah 8:10 says the joy of the lord is our strength. I believe that joy is very close to the definition of genuine Christianity, it is the aroma of authentic faith. Our God is a joyful God. 
Psalms 16:11 says, in thy presence is fullness of joy. Fullness does not mean that much to us. We say the glass is full.
So that would sound like fullness of joy is like, i am full of joy from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.
But it means more than that. In the Hebrew it means a joy which satisfies me. It does not just fill me, but it satisfies me.
That which fully satisfies the desires, dreams, and goals of my life.
Zephaniah 3:17 says that God will joy over us with singing. Can you imagine what the angels sound like singing?
Imagine that. But that is nothing like what it will sound like to hear God singing. There is actually singing in the divine Godhead.
So how can we know if we have real joy in our lives or is it momentary happiness. There is a difference between real joy and happiness. How can we know if whether we only think we have joy and don’t?
There are four things:
  • Joy is contented to grace.

You can not be judgmental and condemn others and have real joy. Either joy will drive out the judging and condemning in your life or judging and condemning will drive out the joy in your life.

  • The lack of joy is indicated by a lack of a sense of humor.
A sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself. When you fall on the ice come up laughing at yourself. Saints, God has a sense of humor. I can prove it, just look in the mirror.
  • Repent of situation happiness that steals your joy.
Situation happiness is contrary to the abiding internal joy. You have. I will not hang my joy on outward situations or circumstances. 
  • School yourself to rejoice. 
In trials, temptations, grief, fear, loneliness, set backs, disappointments; I will rejoice in the lord my God.
If I depend on God for everything, nothing can steal my joy.
Because what can separate us from the love of God? Then nothing can separate God and me.

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