Greetings in the name of the Lord.

My name is Eddie Faulkner, I am the pastor here at Bolton Full Gospel Church. This is my home church. I came to know the Lord on Easter Sunday of 1980. I then went to Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. After graduation, I came back here and served as youth pastor before becoming senior pastor in July of 1987. I am married to my beautiful wife and best friend Ronnie. We have four sons:  Josh, Ben, Justin, Zach;  and one daughter, Mikayla. We also have two grandsons:  Ryker, Kellon; and one granddaughter, Wren.


Nehemiah 8:10 says the joy of the lord is our strength. I believe that joy is very close to the definition of genuine Christianity, it is the aroma of authentic faith. Our God is a joyful God. 
Psalms 16:11 says, in thy presence is fullness of joy. Fullness does not mean that much to us. We say the glass is full.
So that would sound like fullness of joy is like, i am full of joy from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.
But it means more than that. In the Hebrew it means a joy which satisfies me. It does not just fill me, but it satisfies me.
That which fully satisfies the desires, dreams, and goals of my life.
Zephaniah 3:17 says that God will joy over us with singing. Can you imagine what the angels sound like singing?
Imagine that. But that is nothing like what it will sound like to hear God singing. There is actually singing in the divine Godhead.
So how can we know if we have real joy in our lives or is it momentary happiness. There is a difference between real joy and happiness. How can we know if whether we only think we have joy and don’t?
There are four things:
  • Joy is contented to grace.

You can not be judgmental and condemn others and have real joy. Either joy will drive out the judging and condemning in your life or judging and condemning will drive out the joy in your life.

  • The lack of joy is indicated by a lack of a sense of humor.
A sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself. When you fall on the ice come up laughing at yourself. Saints, God has a sense of humor. I can prove it, just look in the mirror.
  • Repent of situation happiness that steals your joy.
Situation happiness is contrary to the abiding internal joy. You have. I will not hang my joy on outward situations or circumstances. 
  • School yourself to rejoice. 
In trials, temptations, grief, fear, loneliness, set backs, disappointments; I will rejoice in the lord my God.
If I depend on God for everything, nothing can steal my joy.
Because what can separate us from the love of God? Then nothing can separate God and me.

1 Kings 18: 41-46


We are excited here at Bolton about the Lord teaching us how to live in His abundance. Abundance means throwing beyond, exceeding greatness, still more excellent, more and more exceeding excellence.

God is saying there is going to be a shifting from lack to more and more exceeding excellence. More and more exceeding excellence in your family, in your body, in your finances.

But on the way to the abundance you are going to have to do some things. You will have to persevere. Persevere means to continue doing something in spite of opposition. Elijah told his servant to go look seven times. Six times same instruction, six times same produces, six times he came back with the same answer. The seventh time he saw a cloud about the size of mans hands. Persevere.

You will have to have perception. Perceive means to gain a full knowledge of by experience or observation. Perception is everything. You cannot receive what your mind won’t perceive. You cannot receive in your hand what you cannot perceive in your mind. So you have to persevere and perceive the abundance of God.


May you learn to live in the abundance of God in your life.

Pastor Eddie


The unbelievable made believable

The Impossible made possible
Luke 1:26-37
We are told by Luke that an angel came to Mary and told her that she had found favor with God. God had chosen her that she shall conceive and bring forth a son and shall call His name Jesus. She asks how shall this be seeing I have not had relationship with a man. How shall this be?
No where in the human race has it ever been known for a women to give birth to a child without knowing a man. It is unnatural, unbelievable, impossible. The angel said several words but the 1st 3 is what I want you to hear and understand. v35 "The Holy Ghost". Mary there is something that is going to appen to you that is impossible and unbelievable.
You are going to have a child without knowing a man. It has never happened since the foundation of the earth. It will be supernatural. Mary said How shall this thing be? The angel said to her "The Holy Ghost"
v35 "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God."
God put the word (the word was made flesh John 1:14) inside her womb and she conceived and Jesus was born. 
The Lord wants to do the same thing for us.
We must read and study His Word and get it inside of us. And then the Holy Ghost will come upon us and the power of the Highest shall overshadow us and what we need will be born. You get the promise in you and the Holy Ghost come upon you and your promise will be born.
There may be something in your life that seems impossible and unbelievable. You are saying how shall this thing happen or come to pass or change? I will say to you what the angel said to Mary.
The Holy Ghost. He is here to help us in every situation. And He will never leave us. How shall this be?
The answer the Holy Ghost in any moment shall come upon you and that promise you have from the word shall be born and you shall have your healing, victory, deliverance. Your children and grandchildren saved. Your answer will be born. 
How shall this thing be? "The Holy Ghost"

Pastor Eddie



Eph. 5:15-16 "see then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

This Sunday is our Homecoming. We see friends we have not seen in a long time. We think about the past and all the love ones and saints that have gone on to heaven before us. We talk about how time stops for no one.

Have you ever said 'just wish I had a little more time"? As Christians, we should hold the view that we are stewards and not possessors of the resources available to us. Wealth and time belong to God and are given to us to faithfully manage for the best possible return. God gives us 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. What kind of steward would you say you are and why?

Why is it so important for Christians to make the best of their time and what are the eternal consequences of wasting the time God entrusts to us? (Satan has seen to it that the last days of the world are going to be so hectic people will not have time to think about the condition of their soul. What is worse, the Christian will not have time to pray and reach for the lost. The result of wasted time is people that could have been saved will be lost for eternity.)

Think about "Tithing Your Time". The least amount of time that God expects from us is 17 hours in a week. It is the smallest but most important block of time of our day and week. Yet when we fall short of time, from where do we take time and why? (Many will take God's time because the consequence of taking God's time may not be immediate, but the long term effect is disastrous.)


May you begin to faithfully to give a tithe of your time. See if God won't increase your time back to you as he promised in Malachi3:8. God bless your faithfullness!

Pastor Eddie



Life is a journey, an adventure and as we journey on the road of life we sometimes encounter unexpected curves. Mary and Joseph knew about curves in the road. In fact, the Christmas story is a story with unexpected curves.
Let's look at the unexpected events and curves on their journey of life.
Mary and Joseph are engaged to be married. Back in those days a marriage had 3 stages.

  1. Promise of marriage, which could be broken or canceled.
  2. The engagement was legally ratified by both families through a covenant.
  3. The groom went on the marriage day to the home of the bride to bring her into his home.

Mary and Joseph were in the 2nd stage engaged.
But before Joseph and Mary could consummate their marriage she discovered that she was expecting a child.
Talk about a curve in the road! Here she was preparing for her wedding day and right in the middle of that an angel appears with some very astounding news.
The angel told her she was to have a child and she would call his name Jesus. an angel appears to joseph and tells him the child is of God.
Then they had to go to Bethlehem close to the time of Jesus birth.
Talk about a curve!
Then when they got to bethlehem they could not find a place to stay. no room for them in the inn.
Talk about a curve!
These are only a few of the curves they faced.
Application to today
In our lives there are unexpected curves in the road, the medical report you did not expect, the accident you didn't see coming, being laid off of your job
losing someone with out warning.
What should we do? What is the right thing?
Notice what Mary and Joseph did, at every curve they chose to trust God. They chose to express faith in God. They trusted God for guidance and provision. They express their faith by obeying God.
So this Christmas season and in the coming new year we can learn to trust God and obey God.
Mary trusted and obeyed God. Joseph trusted and obeyed God.
Let us trust and obey God. And as always, He will take care of us


May you have a blessed Holiday season, strenghten your trust in God and take all your curves with Jesus!


Pastor Eddie


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